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2002 Frank Navratil BSc. N.D.

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The "Eye for an Eye Diet" Holistic Nutrition course is a series of three interactive courses on CD-ROM by Frank Navratil BSc. N.D., a world-renowned author, iridologist, naturopath, and clinical nutritionist.

Holistic Nutrition is a summary of all the factors that need to be considered when we deal with nutrients that the body requires. Holistic nutrition takes into account our genetic requirements for nutrition as well as nutrients that are required for growth, regeneration from disease, stresses that we impose on our bodies and changes as we age. Holistic nutrition takes into consideration individual needs, as every one of us is different.

The series of "The Eye for an Eye Diet" Holistic Nutrition courses on CD-ROM guide the beginner to advanced nutrition student or natural therapy practitioner through step-by-step theory, practical and written assignments, charts and diagrams, automatically correcting self-tests and term exams. Whether you are a healthcare practitioner or just a layperson, whether you just want to lose weight, cure your disease through nutrition, or just want to learn more about how to stay healthy and prevent disease from occuring, these courses allow you to learn about nutrition in an easy, unique and interactive way. The courses are an excellent adjunct to the "For Your Eyes Only" Iridology courses on CD-ROM or can be taken as a separate course entirely on their own.

Each module of each course is designed to take approximately 2 hours to complete on average although you can work entirely at your own pace and there are 10 modules for each level of each course and 3 levels all together.

Receive a "Certificate of Completion" for each Level on achieving a grade of 80 percent or more.

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If you do not receive a grade of 80 percent or more on your exam result you can redo the examination as many times as you like until you achieve the required grade. There are no additional costs for examinations. End of term exams can be emailed direct from your CD-ROM or mailed by post. You must successfully complete all 3 levels (Holistic Nutrition 1, 2 and 3) on the 3 CD-ROMS to receive a "Certificate of Holistic Nutrition" issued by Frank Navratil BSc. N.D. and the Return to Health International College of Natural Medicine. Go back to the main menu for information about the Return to Health International College of Natural Medicine.

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On-line support: for any problems or questions you may have during the course. Frank Navratil BSc. N.D. personally is available on-line to assist you during your nutrition course.

Minimum computer requirements: IBM or compatible PC, 486/100 Mhz, 16MB RAM, 16 speed CD-ROM. Recommended: 233 Mhz, 32 MB RAM, 32 speed CD-ROM or higher.

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